Monday, 4 March 2013

Champagne Moijto

Champagne Moijto

Whilst relaxing one day during my summer holiday in France. I cleverely feel asleep beside the pool in 38 degree heat. I knew this because afterwards I realised even my iphone could not handle the temperature and it had decided to shutdown and even melt, leaving me on my lonesome without entertainment.

My mother forced me to become reclusive and decided to lock me up in the appartment for two days, attacking me with aftersun and all and all sorts of stinging creams. During this time I rummaged through all sorts of dusty bookshelves and found what looked like a semi modern book. I started reading it with bad intentions as I presumed that if it was a book of my uncles, it would probably bore me to death.

It managed to surprise me as I was transported back to the the South Side of Dublin within only a few pages. I instantly recognised the common south side lingo and I found it hilarious because Kelly dramatises it to a whole new level. The use of landmarks and places which I know well made the book even better, as I could really relate to the outrageous things he was saying! I thought it was extremely funny how he still relies on his parents for money because it seems that he cannot do anything but play rugby and he can't even make a career out of it. This book is excellent because it shows this boy who has been spoiled his whole life and he has to learn to fend for himself all of a sudden. The diary like tone of this book allows the reader an insight into Kelly's thoughts whether or not they are good or bad.

I comfortably finished the book within the two days. Who needs an iphone when you find such a good book? :)

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